This blog seems to be left behind, much like the past two years. But, Vegas is making a comeback and even bigger and better than ever. Except this inflation. I'm not excited about that or the gas prices. What's been happening in hooker land in Vegas, you ask? Well, me and [more...]
Every year, I like to get the kids involved with helping a family for Christmas. We always pick a single mom because let’s be real—I know the struggle. This year, seems to be especially difficult and we have a few extra names. If you’re interested in throwing something our way, [more...]
And boy are we feeling it here. Vegas just isn't the same. There are plenty of people, but it's a lot of people coming for cheap rooms or cheap vacations. We lack the conventions and clubs. No groups--so weddings, bachelor parties, etc. are gone. Shows are slowing opening back up, [more...]
Hard to believe how quickly the years pass, yet 2020 seems like it has gone incredibly slow! Life can change so much, yet so little! I haven't been very active on here this year. Things definitely got turned upside-down, but, a lot is still the same. Homeschool really sucks and I've [more...]
Here's a promo link that OnlyFans is running for my account: Get 30 days for $3.50. (It will only allow 10 subscribers at this rate--I think there are still 7 left at this time.) Go to: [more...]
In light of the current events, social distancing is imperative and as we all know, affects this lifestyle we all like to play in. I discovered OnlyFans a month before the shutdown and it's been a great way to stay in touch with clients and allowed me to be a [more...]
Mar 16 2020

Aye, Corona!

Reposted from my private group. (I post pics and nudes on that site, but am not able to here.)One of these days I’ll figure out how to do the live feeds. This is my first video and I just thought I would talk for a minute about what’s going [more...]
I am loving the weather in Las Vegas lately. It's still low 70's, but great to go out. Took the kids to AdventureDome for the Monday holiday. They only lasted half a day, but I think that could possibly be because it was slow enough there was never any waiting [more...]
Feb 11 2020

I'm Alive...

To be clear, I am doing well and my health is great--the detox was just a bit of an adventure for me. I've received texts and emails from well-wishers and really appreciate it. I think I just made it sound worse than it was. Fortunately, it was a "self-induced" health [more...]
Boy have I learned that lesson the hard way. The past six months I have noticed some worrisome decline in my health. I can say that I don’t remember the last time I got sick. I don’t get the flu shot—never have—and I don’t get sick. However, with my 50th birthday [more...]
There is a buzz about website that can host private photos and I keep hearing about it in the industry as well as from clients who have mentioned I should do it. So, I'm doing it! All of you who wanted to see those salacious nudes in the "Member Only" [more...]
Not me. A couple reasons--I don't like to be swayed to make decisions based on culture popularity so if I do make goals, I try to beat everyone by doing them in December. The second reason, my youngest son gave me--he said, "I don't want to wait every 12 months [more...]
The formal name is "The Erotic Review" (TER). Okay, technically they were never totally gone, but now can be accessed from the U.S. without going through a VPN. Why do I love this site so much, you ask? Because it verifies the hobbyists and via their reviews, providers are reviewed [more...]
End of the year and 2020 is right around the corner! Thank you everyone for all of the help throughout the year. Your meetings with me, make it possible to take care of my kids and to have a flexible schedule to meet their needs. Decemember is always a slow [more...]
I seem to come across the ladies getting started and am more than happy to provide referrals so if any of you Gents are looking for someone new to try, please contact me. I can't post pics on these blog posts, but if you're local or in town she's available [more...]
My son came home yesterday and told me that he told his friend I was going to be 50. His friend said, "She doesn't look 50!" I said to my son, "I'm only going to be 49, not 50. I have one more year before I hit the 50's, little [more...]
The simplest answer is economics: supply and demand. Obviously, each independent escort can set her own rates, but you may be wondering why someone is higher priced than another woman. There are several reasons. 1. Experience. A seasoned escort who maintains high client retention will create regulars who see her every [more...]
Some of the website features have been disabled, including private member photos, so when I inquired I was told that Premium Escortbook services are no longer available in my country. That's a bummer, but no surprise as the US continues to crackdown on sex trafficking. Unfortunately, those of us partaking [more...]
Holy hot Summer! Where has the time gone. School starts back up in less than a month. We’ve been able to see family and the kids have been traveling a lot thanks to family that like hosting them for a bit at a time. They get to stay with their [more...]
Another one bites the dust. As most decent people are, I am opposed to human trafficking and do not believe in forcing women and children into sexual slavery. I actually help with a group that fights this. However, that is not the case for many of the women here in [more...]
My mom had a heart attack a few months ago, and we are still uncertain of her fate. Last Thanksgiving she had all ten of her children home and desperately wanted to get a picture of everyone together. One of my sisters was feuding with some other siblings and refused [more...]
Mar 01 2019

New Girl

I seem to find myself in these situations where a client calls me because  A new girl in town is looking for clients. If anyone is interested in meeting “Kat”, Let me know. She’s in her 30s with blond hair and a great personality. Average to slender size.  She can [more...]
I was really nervous about the new pictures, because let's face it--I'm overweight and as lovely as my face looks, I'm self-conscious about my weight. Literally, experienced anxiety all day when they went up. I want to thank everyone who took time to tell me how much you liked them [more...]
What are your favorite Netflix series. I'm ready for a new one! [more...]
Long story, but met a real nice girl from Michigan. Her boyfriend took her credit cards and $900 and left her. She's trying to get some gas money to get home. She does have a car. Super clean, sweet, in shape, blond girl. I told her I have a few [more...]
Jan 09 2019

Welcome CES!

Anyone at CES this week? I saw the coolest invention of all--a machine that folds clothes for you! Also cool, the 75-inch Micro LED 4K TV. You can add additional panels to expand the picture and it's about the thickness of a canvas painting. Back in 1982 my parents owned a [more...]
Jan 08 2019

Will Travel

Been asked recently if I travel. Yes I do, if you will cover my travel expenses. :) [more...]
I am SO glad Christmas is over! December is such a stressful month. My goal this year is to get enough of my business projects off the ground that I don't struggle in December! I love my kids though--we decided as a family to collect items for my best friends [more...]
A few people have asked if I use Twitter. Is this a popular thing? I'm mostly a mom, not the glamorous Vegas girl I pretend to be. lol. What things would you like to see/read/follow if I was on Twitter? Just day-to-day stuff? Places I've been? Show reviews? Dinner reviews? [more...]
I need a little help this year. I have been working more on my “at home” job this past year, because despite all of the fun, sadly someday I must retire and making an honest living just doesn’t pay as well. I actually kept to a low volume, and seldom [more...]
My birthday is October 21st and I'm going to be 48. Wow, how time flies. I still feel young. :) I guess it's true, you're only as old as you feel. I've also heard an active sex life keeps you young. :) [more...]
What's the weather like where you're at? We're finally sinking below the 100s! It's 86 right now and I have the windows open and the a/c off and I'm wearing a light sweatshirt. I guess for the Desert Rat's like myself, this feels cool! Looking forward to the October weather [more...]
I'm trying this blog thing out! I think I'll use this to the latest happenings in my life and Las Vegas--although may prove to be uninteresting. I wish they would let you post pics on this! [more...]
I encounter men would are looking for more than just a sexual encounter and also desire sensual touch, romance, kissing, and mutual pleasing. With a true Girlfriend Experience, you shouldn't feel rushed and sensuality should come naturally. [more...]